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Bruce Denton

Bruce Denton

In a nutshell, my father gave me a camera when I was 9 years old and I never got over it. It was a little Kodak Instamatic camera that used film cartridges and was exceptionally simple to use.

The reason for that gift was a family trip to Toronto, Canada for Expo 67. We piled in the car for a leisurely trip through New England and on to Toronto. When he bought me the camera he did not take into account the expense of continually replacing film cartridges.  I was hooked and the shutter kept clicking.

I graduated to better cameras, joined the high school yearbook and newspaper and finally ended up in photography school. I only stayed a year as I found I was learning more on my own than I was being instructed. I took the balance of tuition money and invested in “pro” gear, (an inaccurate term if ever there was), and I was off. I opened a studio and later went to work for a non-profit as their assistant director of communications where my photography was put to good use.

I was in the midst of the film-to-digital shift, and after having used both, I can say I’d never go back to film.

Now I shoot mostly landscapes, fine art and portraits. Of those the portraits are my favorite. I love getting to know people and doing visual studies of them. I’m not a sit ’em down for five minutes and snap a few type of photographer. I like to take my time.

If you need an engaging portrait, just give me a shout and we’ll see what develops (sorry).